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Eligible Countries for Kenya Visa

Kenya determines its visa regulations involving the entry requirements, the countries eligible to apply for an e-Visa or embassy visa, and the exempted countries.

  • Depending nature of the visit and the total length of stay in Kenya, nationals from 45 countries can enter Kenya without having any visa by simply showing their passports valid for at least six months. In this case, allowed stay is 90 days, and if they want to stay longer in Kenya or their purpose of the visit is different than tourism, business, or transit, they need to apply for an e-Visa and follow all other formalities.
  • Citizens from approximately 140 countries need to apply for an electronic visa by following an entirely online procedure. If you are a national from an eligible country, you should apply for e-Visa if you intend to have a shorter stay for any purpose from tourism, business, or medical treatment.

Kenya has not permitted Visa on Arrival for these countries yet.

  • Citizens from 60 countries need to get an embassy visa, irrespective of the nature of travel and period of stay.

Tourist Visa Policy for Kenya:

  • The nationals who are not visa-exempt must get an e-Visa or embassy visa to enter Kenya for tourism purpose.
  • Kenya issues a Tourist e-Visa for a single entry allowing a total stay of 90 days and multiple entries for an overall stay of 3 to 12 months.
  • It also issues a 5-year multiple entry visa for tourism purpose valid for five years only to US citizens.
  • Upon approval of e-Visa, the applicant receives a PDF copy of e-Visa via email.
  • The e-Visa holder will present the e-Visa to an immigration officer in Kenya at any point of entry.
  • The nationals who need to get an embassy visa must submit their application for a tourist visa at the office a few days before the intended date of travel.
Eligible Countries for Kenya e Visa

Kenya eVisa:

  • Kenya has allowed nationals from 140 countries to get an e-Visa that legally authorizes them to enter Kenya.
  • Kenyan government allows e-Visa for single entry and stay of 90 days and multiple entries for 90 days to 12 months.
  • Nationals from allowed countries should apply for e-Visa if they want to visit Kenya for tourism, business, medical treatment, or transit purpose.
  • For applying for an e-Visa, travellers need to submit an online application form at least seven days and at most 80 days before starting the trip to Kenya.
  • The e-Visa is valid for three months.
  • e-Visa holder must have a six months valid passport from the intended arrival date.
  • Kenyan authorities also grant e-Visa extensions for a period of up to 90 days to those already possessing an e-Visa.

Following is the list of all the countries that need to apply for an e-Visa to enter Kenya:

Embassy Visa Required:

  • Nationals from 60 countries need to apply for a visa through an embassy or consulate office regardless of length and purpose of stay.
  • Moreover, nationals eligible to apply through e-Visa or belong to visa-exempt countries also need to get an embassy visa to stay longer in Kenya.
  • Those who need to get an embassy visa must fix an appointment at the nearest consulate office and submit a filled application along with a range of documents required according to the visa type.
  • For applying for an embassy visa, the applicant must have a passport valid for at least six months from the arrival date.
  • It can take several weeks or more to get an approved ready-to-visit embassy visa. Travellers should keep this time flexibility in mind and make a visa appointment well in advance of their intended date of the trip.

Below is the list of countries whose nationals require to apply through the embassy to get a Kenyan visa

Visa Not Required:

  • Kenya exempts the citizens of up to 45 countries from getting an e-Visa or embassy visa.
  • These citizens can enter Kenya by showing valid passport for short stays.
  • The citizens from several East African Countries can enter the territory by showing their ID Cards only.
  • Kenya also allows diplomatic or service passport holders from some countries to enter the regime without a visa.
  • A visa-free entry allows a stay of 90 days only. For a stay over 90 days, these citizens need to get a visa from a Kenya consulate or embassy.

Browse the list below to check the countries that allowed visa-free entry to Kenya

Map of Jomo Kenyatta International Airport to City Center Nairobi:

Map of Jomo Kenyatta International Airport to City Center Nairobi